The Wettening: Summary

Written by Roman Dirge, Eric Trueheart, Rob Hummel 
First aired on 4/24/2001 

During a rainstorm after school, Zim discovers that water (or rather , the pollution in it) has a harmful effect on his Irken skin. Dib also learns this and attacks him by splashing him with a puddle, and later, a water balloon. Zim realizes he must defend himself and he discovers that paste protects his skin from the effects of water. Dib constructs an automatic water balloon launching weapon over the weekend to destroy Zim. On Monday morning, Dib turns up at school with his water balloon launcher and prepares to annihilate Zim-but when he attacks, he finds Zim has been replaced with a hologram of himself. Zim is in fact on a space station with his own water balloon-based weapon. The space station steals all the water on Earth (including all oceans, lakes, and rivers) and puts it into a massive water balloon of his own, which he then drops on Earth. It causes apocalyptic flooding and destruction (though no major characters were killed or harmed). The whole water balloon plan was to kill Dib (and possibly any other human Zim finds annoying), but, as usual, Zim goes completely overboard. At the end, Zim goes off to the remains of his base, saying that he is to bathe in paste. But then his head is caught in an actual toilet instead of the fake toilet that he uses to access his underground lair, because he gets mixed up between the remains of his base and the remains of a men’s bathroom that GIR was playing in.