Rise of the Zitboy: Summary

Written by Frank Conniff & Roman Dirge
First aired on 8/31/2001

Zim is experimenting one day when Dib tries to sneak into his baseĀ using an unrealistic squirrel costume. Zim sees through his disguise and kicks him out, but not before learning that Dib has found a weakness in his security system. This is confirmed after a pizza delivery boy walks strait through Zim’s robotic gnome field. Zim goes inside, questioning the flaw, when GIR eats the delivered pizza and then jumps on Zim, covering him in grease. This causes Zim to get a pimple. GIR enjoys the pimple so much and draws a face on it, which Zim fears will make him stick out even more. After the zit grows he discovers that its bobbing motion has hypnotic powers, so, for a test, he uses it on GIR. GIR becomes hypnotized. Later, Zim takes a body from his GEARS/CIRCUITS/HEADLESS BODIES box and puts it onto the zit, which he names Pustulio, and passes it off as a friend visiting from out of town. Zim uses this hypnotic, yet disgusting, zit to gain control of the school children, and then hypnotizes Dib into revealing the weakness in Zim’s base defenses. At that point, the pimple grows to gigantic proportions and explodes. Zim then leaves to reinforce his base’s defenses to rid of the weakness, while Dib is forced to clean up the mess with a miniature sponge, although there is a much larger one nearby.