Pilot Episode: Summary

Written by Jhonen Vasquez in 1999
Never aired
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Zim discovers that he is severely allergic to the schol cafeteria’s meat, and Dib uses this fact to try to prove to the other childern that Zim’s an alien. Zim  escapes and uses a listening device placed on the back of Dib’s head to spy on Dib in his house-Zim discovers that Dib plans to kill him with the cafeteria food. Zim and Dib stange an apocalyptic food fight in the cafeteria, which ends with the school being destroyed, Zim escaping, and Dib being blamed for the whole thing. Billy West was the voice of Zim for this episode only.

This episode was also created as an animation test. Richard Horvitz was picked for the series role after the pilot was shown to Nickelodeon because West’s voice was too noticable from Futurama, according to Invader Zim’s creator, Jhonen Vasquez’s DVD commentary.