Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain: Summary

Written by Jhonen Vasquez & Rob Hummel
First aired on 8/24/2001

During the computer’s artifical intelligence brain transplant occuring in Zim’s underground base, GIR’s brain is accidentally put into the house’s operating system. Zim cannot control GIR and attempts various methods at getting the control back of his house. Eventually, GIR decides he wants mexican food from Krazy Taco, a restaurant that seems to parody Taco Bell,¬†and makes the house morph into a four-legged walker, somehow resembling a dog. The house, with Zim inside, travels in full view to the restaurant to get the food. When discovering he no longer has a mouth to eat the food, GIR lets Zim rectify the ordeal, much to Zim’s distaste.