Germs: Summary

Zim watches a B-rated movie with GIR reminiscent to the 1953 film version “War of the Worlds”, where advanced alien species are felled by common germs. Zim becomes highly germophobic and dedicates himself to studying/exterminating all of the Earth’s bacteria. He goes on a cleansing montage and uses germ spray on himself and GIR. After running out of germ spray, he heads out to buy more, but GIR runs off to McMeaty’s. There, Zim discovers that he can shield himself from germs by using a germ-resistant hamburger “meat” made of used napkins, which is sold there. Assumptuously, after covering himself in meat,┬áit invaded Zim’s skin and he almost went blind after it invaded his eyesockets;this was mentioned in “Battle of the Planets”. This may have happened offscreen, since the episode leaves off with Zim in class saying “How’s it goin’?”