Door to Door: Summary

The Skool starts a candy fundraising program in order to get some more money to support things such as new desks. Zim isn’t interested until he finds out about a secret prize. Zim later tries to sell some candy with GIR, but struggles with them. Dib of course tries to beat Zim so Zim would fail at something else. Poop Dawg, the mascot of the candy drive, appears in front of Zim as the “gangsta specter of defeat” and tries to make him give up, but Zim becomes even more fascinated with the mystery prize. Zim then starts to sell like an invader by putting head devices on the humans, showing them a visual of what would happen if they didn’t buy his candy; (basically, an apocolyptic scene displaying how the world would end). Zim wins by selling 1.2 million candies, but finds out at Skool that the mystery prize was a lie to make kids work harder and sell more. He then recieves a can of tuna as a consolation prize.


*The visual that the humans were supposed to see would be the Massive and the Armada conquering and destroying Earth, but it was deleted and replaced with the current scene. Videos of this deleted scene can be viewed on Youtube.