Bloaty’s Pizza Hog: Summary

Dib sets out to defeat Zim by sneaking into his base. When Professor Membrane tells Gaz that it’s her turn to pick a restaurant to eat at during their Annual Family Night Out, (since Prof. Membrane is very busy), she chooses Bloaty’s Pizza Hog. Two hours pass by and when it is time to go, Dib has still not returned. Professor Membrane says that this is a family night and everyone must attend, otherwise it would be cancelled. Gaz asks if there is any other day available to do the family night, but unfortunatly his schedule is full until next year. Gaz then contacts Dib on a communicator watch where she discovers that Dib was just captured and taken to Zim’s other base orbiting around the Earth for experimentation. Gaz is forced to go save Dib so as to be in time for the family night at Bloaty’s Pizza Hog. Gaz nearly decides to let Zim experiment on Dib by switching Dib’s organs on the outside of his body, but then thinks that Professor Membrane wouldn’t allow them to go to the restaurant without reassembling Dib. So, Gaz releases Dib and forces him to an escape ship that Zim foolishly guides them to. Zim chases them in another escape ship but is taken down by Gaz’s superior flying skills, mostly due to her gaming skills seen in NanoZiM. Gaz, Dib, and Professor Membrane meet up at Bloaty’s Pizza Hog, about to eat their meal, when Zim enters the restaurant, now in disguise. Dib says that he should finish Zim off, but Gaz has strapped him to a floating disc, keeping him in place. However, Zim is scared off by the mechanical singing animals that randomly gather around him.