Battle Dib: Summary

Written by Jhonen Vasquez & Eric Trueheart
First aired on 5/4/2001

Dib wants to do a presentation about Zim for a meeting of the Swollen Eyeballs, a secret society which attempts to track down aliens and other paranormal beings. However, the society needs Dib to get a permission slip signed by his father, Professor Membrane, before he can do this. Professor Membrane is very famous and has his own television show, so Dib must go through a variety of trials, including a battle arena, to gain acccess to his dad. Dib fails the trials but is successful in getting the permission slip signed. However, he can’t give his presentation because he lost his suitcase, containing the evidence of Zim being an alien, during the trials.

• This is the first of the three episodes in the series not to feature Zim.
• This episode is included on the Operation Doom DVD 

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