Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy: Summary

By using a time portal device, Zim hopes to make a Hunter-Destroyer machine travel back in time to kill Dib (when he is a child) so he can’t interfere with his plans in the future. The device is simple; throw in an object from the present and it will switch with an object of the past. However, Zim discovers that the Hunter-Destroyer is incompatible with the time portal. Out of frustration, Zim throws GIR’s rubber pig at the machine and it bounces into the portal, replacing a tricycle Dib had been riding on as a child, and in pursuit of an alien(which turns out to be a punching bag designed to look like an alien.)Dib becomes injured by the accident. Zim continues to send multiple rubber piggies into the past to injure Dib until he is reduced to a catatonic state. However, this convinces Dib’s father into creating high-tech cyborg battle armor to protect his “accident-prone” son. Now the effect is reversed; when Zim sends a piggy into the past, Dib gets even more badly injured which makes his father redesign the suit to become even more dangerous. To stop this entire chain of events from occuring, Zim sends a pig back to himself with the message of “not to use the time machine.” Unfortunately, as the piggy must replace an object with the past, the piggy replaces Zim’s brain. Zim is now reduced down to the mental state of an infant (which raises the question of how he could send the piggy back to replace his brain.)


*A bloody GIR is spotted while Zim is throwing the last piggy through the portal right before it goes to Dib when it turns white.*