The Nightmare Begins: Summary

Written by Jhonen Vasquez and Rob Hummel
First aired on 3/30/2001

The Irken Military is hosting “The Great Assigning” for Operation Impending Doom 2, where all Invaders are assigned a planet to conquer. Zim isn’t invited, as he nearly destroyed planet Irk during Operation Impending Doom 1, yet he appears anyway. Hoping to never deal with him again, The Allmighty Tallest send Zim on a false mission to the unknown edges of their known universe and issue him a defective Standard Information Retrieval unit, who calls himself “GIR”. The Allmighty Tallest hope Zim will die or get lost and never be found;unfortunatly, there is a planet called “Earth” on the edge of the Irken Universe, and when Zim finds this planet, he assumes this is the subject of his “mission”. After arriving on Earth, Zim attempts to fit in and fools everyone but his schoolmate Dib, a young paranormal investigator, who vows to capture Zim and prove hes an alien. At the end of the episode, Zim contacts the Allmighty Tallest, who are quite surprised to see that Zim has found a planet to conquer and that he hasn’t died/gotten lost.

This episode is included on the Operation Doom DVD